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  • The hard decision to turn back

    Dawson-Pitamakan Loop

    Just recently, we were elated to hear of the rescue of a couple of hikers that spent a few days in the backcountry of Glacier National Park. In the official press release here, the NPS commended them for realizing their predicament and hunkering down to get discovered. A local photographer and outdoor enthusiast Tony Bynum […]

  • Poia Lake Goat and Pika survey

    Poia Lake

    Went up to Poia Lake in the Many Glacier area of Glacier National Park for a bit of a mountain goat and pika survey for the Citizen Science program and saw a lot of birds, some mammals and a sweet bull elk! Check out my blog about Citizen Science here to learn more!

  • North of the 49th

    Well I’m heading up north tomorrow to hike trails in Waterton Lakes National Park for the next couple of weeks. Won’t be getting out much in the way of blogs, but you can track my hiking on the Track Page. Also, follow me on Twitter and Instagram if you do both of those with the […]

  • Glaciers Visible from Going-to-the-Sun Road

    Going-to-the-Sun Road Glaciers

    With a name like Glacier National Park, one would expect to show up and see a ton of glaciers everywhere. The truth of the matter is a little more complicated. For starters, the park is so named for the way that it was formed as giant glaciers carved out the peaks leaving amazing mountain formations […]

  • Waterton Lakes National Park Announcement

    Waterton Lakes National Park

    As a follow up to last year’s project of hiking all the trails in Glacier National Park, Jake Bramante is heading out to hike the much less ambitious 125 miles of trails in Waterton Lakes National Park in the month of September, 2012. Glacier National Park and Waterton Lakes National Park come together to form […]

  • Scenic Point from a friend’s perspective

    A good friend of mine named Brenda Ahearn (almost like Ahern in the Park) asked me about the silver tree in Glacier National Park and I was pretty sure she was referring to one of the old white bark pines on the Scenic Point trail. She did it this past weekend and blogged about it. […]

  • Loon Day

    The weekend of July 14th-15th is Loon Day where we go out and try and get as many common loons counted as possible with a bunch of us citizen scientists so we can better understand the population and what’s going on with them! We chose to do the Trout Lake area. We found some loons!! […]

  • In The Press

    Super excited about both having a photo of mine selected for the cover of the Glacier Gateway by the Great Falls Tribune as well as a story about my adventures with a couple more. If you have access to the Great Falls Tribune in your area, you may be able to find the Gateway at […]

  • Going to the Sun Road fully opened!

    The full Going to the Sun is officially open over Logan Pass! In this June 19th, 2012 blog, you can get a sneak peek!

  • Citizen Science

    A really great program in Glacier National Park for wannabe biologists such as myself is the Citizen Science Program which is part of the Crown of the Continent Research Learning Center. This program is partially funded by my sponsor, the Glacier National Park Fund and is a great way for folks to get involved with […]