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  • Mt. Hunt Divide

    For those looking for a quieter canyon in Grand Teton National Park, the hike up Open Canyon to Mt. Hunt Divide will give solitude with fantastic vantages from the top. Fall brings with it unpredictable weather. The night before we were to hike up to Mt. Hunt Divide in Grand Teton National Park brought rain […]

  • Blacktail Butte

    Blacktail Butte in Grand Teton National Park is a forested hill sticking out in the middle of Jackson Hole. This hike gives some really interesting vantages of the area, especially to the south towards the Gros Ventre River and Gros Ventre Range. Blacktail Butte isn’t on the radar of many hiking books. We stumbled across […]

  • Menors Ferry

    Menors Ferry in Grand Teton National Park was used to ferry folks and goods across the Snake River. Various historic buildings now tell the history of the early settlers. Upon stepping out of the car and into the sea of sagebrush, one can’t help but be in awe of the scenery. The flat plain that […]

  • Murie Ranch

    The Murie family has a storied legacy in conservation from wildlife studies to conserving public land. Many of these efforts occurred in the cabins at the ranch in Grand Teton National Park, just a short walk from the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center. After touring the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center, we found […]

  • Static Peak Divide with Static Peak

    The hike up to Static Peak Divide in Grand Teton National Park gives you breathtaking views of Phelps Lake, takes you through the stunning Death Canyon, and delivers breathtaking views as you near the divide itself. If you make it up to Static Peak Divide, and you have a little bit of extra energy, consider […]

  • Spring Hiking up Glacier View

    In the early season, I can’t wait to get out hiking, especially into the high country of Glacier National Park. The deep snow keeps me from doing so, but there are a few sneaky-great options like the hike up Glacier View along the Demers Ridge Trail in the Flathead National Forest. It features early season […]

  • Firebrand Pass and Red Crow Mountain

    Firebrand Pass in Glacier National Park is a favorite fall hike of ours. This year, we decided to add a little bonus by climbing Red Crow Mountain. Maybe it was all that clean air and blue skies. Either way, it was all smiles on a perfect September day in our favorite park. I’ve spent most […]

  • Grinnell Glacier 2018

    Grinnell Glacier sits at the head of the Grinnell Creek drainage and is the easiest glacier in Glacier National Park to day hike too. Even with its popularity, this gorgeous hike is also a perfect place to see animals. We experienced all of that on this trip. My brother Josiah and his wife Amy were […]

  • Matahpi Peak

    “So now what should we do?” we both said as we looked at one another. Kristen and I had arrived at Logan Pass at 9:30am on Saturday which meant that we couldn’t park in the parking lot because it was already full. After driving down to Lunch Creek to park and walking back up to […]

  • Medicine Grizzly Lake (July 8th, 2018)

    If you follow Hike 734 you are probably aware that Jake is currently hiking and exploring Olympic National Park in Washington.  Although I’d love to join him on this adventure, my full-time job as a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer and some lingering limitations from the long recovery process of a fractured foot is keeping me close […]