Thoughts on Sponsors

A question that I have been getting lately involves getting sponsors. I’ve compiled a list of thoughts regarding this topic. Comment below your thoughts!

(list of points below video)

1. Start with a remarkable project

2. Figure out what you can offer

3. Figure out what you need

4. Find out which sponsors might be a good fit (i.e. what they can give you, what their mission statement is)

5. Don’t look for Tier 1 sponsors unless you’re a Tier 1 athlete

6. Longevity is important… often product cycles are about 2 years and they’re looking for people to associate products with for the long haul… besides, they don’t want to invest in you for a quick deal (the site mentioned about discount products is

7. Establish a following. Use social media, blogging, etc so that you have an avenue to tell others about what you’re up to as well as word about your sponsor

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