Feature Friday: A Flicker of Memories

I love hearing about how people have wonderful times in Glacier…. and even love it more when I get to SEE what they did! Mike Dewey contacted me before he and his family went out to Glacier National Park and got my Driving Guide (it makes an appearance at 16 seconds!!). He brought along his camera and made a sweet video of the trip.

As the leaves turn yellow and the veil of snow gradually creeps down from the peaks, we can look back and get excited about next year’s hiking season. So grab your pumpkin spice latte and enjoy Mike’s video!


If you want your blog/video/photos featured on “Feature Friday”, please head on over to my Contact Page and send me a link to it! I love helping out people with their Glacier trips and love even more seeing how great they were!

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  1. WhT a great video, famyfamily all together in an awesome place

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