Feature Friday – Glacier County Honey Co.

Glacier County Honey Co.Today’s Feature Friday is on a sweet family based out of Babb, Montana. Greg, Courtney and Maggie Rose run a beekeeping operation just outside of Glacier National Park. They produce (well, technically speaking, their bees produce) a nice light honey that is delicious!

The other day, I was running out of honey and had heard of these bee bloggers near Babb and thought, “We have local, Glacier National Park, honey, bloggers and friendly folks! I’ve found my honey!” I shot them a message and they let me know where I could pick some up in the Flathead Valley and I started reading their blog.

If you want to learn more about the rigors of beekeeping and living right outside of the eastern front of Glacier National Park, I think you’ll love it. So head on over to the Glacier County Honey Co. site and find out where you can get some honey, then browse around to find out more about them. You should click on their Blog as well to hear Courtney’s take on life as a Montana beekeeper.

If you want your blog/video/photos featured on “Feature Friday”, please head on over to my Contact Page and send me a link to it! I love helping out people with their Glacier trips and love even more seeing how great they were!

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