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“Your body is the MOST essential piece of hiking “gear” you can invest in, and training will make your hiking experiences so much more enjoyable, easier, and safer!” -Kristen (Certified Personal Trainer, avid hiker, & creator of the HIKE-ABILITY Training Program)

How exciting! You’ve planned for some amazing hikes, done all the research, and maybe even purchased a new pair of hiking boots, backpack, and gear for this season.

Now, take a second to be really honest with yourself. Will you be physically ready for all the adventures you want to do this year? Perhaps, training for hiking isn’t something you’ve even considered.

You may be asking yourself, “Should I be training for hiking?


  • Experience knee, hip, or low back pain/discomfort while hiking.
  • Avoid certain hikes or trails because you aren’t sure (insert body part) “can take it”.
  • Feel unstable or worry about falling or injury on the trail.
  • Struggle with working out consistently, or just don’t know where to start or what to do.
  • Want effective workouts that are tailored to hiking fitness.
  • Say things like…
    • “I hope to do (insert bucket-list hike) someday when I’m in better shape.”
    • “I’m probably getting too old to do a hike like that.”
    • “I have bad knees.”


  • Be physically prepared for the hiking season.
  • Hike further, faster, and/or higher before fatigue sets in.
  • Be confident in your hiking ability, and realize your “bucket-list” hikes.
  • Build a resilient body that’s ready for adventure and the demands of everyday living.
  • Increase your mobility and reduce everyday nagging aches, pains, and stiffness.

If you answered YES to any of these then you need to start training NOW!

Adventure awaits… be ready for it!

Hi there! I’m Kristen. As a health and exercise professional I love helping adventure-seekers train for active lifestyles and achieve their full hiking potential. My husband (Jake) and I have explored thousands of miles of trails together, and the National Parks definitely hold a special place in our hearts.

Staying active and prioritizing my health is a huge part of what keeps me feeling and looking so young. I’m incredibly thankful for this body that has taken me to so many amazing places (especially the remote locations that can only be accessed by foot). But, I also know how it feels to lack confidence in my hiking ability, what it’s like to overcome pain and injury, and what it takes to build hiking fitness from ground zero.

In late August 2017, I fractured my foot during an unfortunate slip from a ladder at my house. For several months I was unable to walk. I hobbled on crutches or cruised around on a kneeling scooter (which isn’t as much fun as it looks, especially during winter in Montana).

I was devastated. I wondered if I’d be able to walk normal again, and I deeply feared that I would not be able to hike or do the things I enjoyed. The healing process was incredibly slow and frustrating. And when the orthopedic surgeon finally cleared me to walk again, well, let’s just say it wasn’t a “Chariots of Fire” moment. I was elated to have both feet on the ground, however it was another long process to regain the ability to walk normal and without discomfort.

I remember the first few hikes I did in the spring of 2018 following my injury. The mix of emotions made my head spin. I was thrilled to be hiking again, but at times I would find myself paralyzed by the fear of a new injury or the possibility re-fracturing my foot. I was trying to learn how to trust my body again. Although the fractures had healed, I was facing new issues and limitations. I had a significant decrease in my cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, ankle and hip mobility, balance, and I developed several muscle asymmetries. I didn’t feel confident and capable on the trail like I had in the past. It was obvious that I had more work to do prepare for the hiking season, and to keep myself “adventure ready” for many more decades to come. And so began my personal mission and journey to increase my “hike-ability”.


The condition of being confident, capable, and fit for the trail;
The state of being resilient, physically and mentally prepared, and ready for adventure;
Possessing the knowledge and skills that expand and enhance one’s hiking experience.

Fast-forward to today, and you’ll find me exploring trails and seeking new adventure with unrestrained joy, confidence, and ability. I reflect on my personal journey often, and I’m so grateful for the body’s ability to heal and become stronger. I’m back to doing all the things I enjoy, but it didn’t come without work, determination, and consistency.

Increase YOUR “hike-ability
— at any age & level of fitness!

HIKE-ABILITY Training Program

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to train for an active lifestyle and the physical demands of everyday living.
  • The “sweet spot” of cardio training for hiking — MOST people are either over- or under-training.
  • 2 essential, but often overlooked, components to hiking fitness — They’re KEY to achieving your full hiking potential and minimizing discomfort and risk of injury on the trail.
  • How to customize ANY workout to meet your current level of fitness, and how to properly progress to achieve your specific goals.
  • Common workout mistakes and how to correct and/or avoid making them.
  • The surprising reasons you may be suffering with knee, hip, and/or low back pain — PLUS how YOU can fix it!
  • A simple, 7-minute daily habit that will help combat the “effects of aging” on the body.
  • Tools to eliminate obstacles (fear, pain, lack of motivation or time, etc) that hold you back from achieving your fitness goals or taking on new adventures.
  • …and SO much more!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Immediate access to a professionally created training program that’s specific to hiking fitness.
  • Tutorials on how to use the program so you’ll get the results you’re looking for.
  • 15 self-assessments; determine your areas of inefficiencies and track your progress.
  • 3-phased training schedule (each phase will appropriately build upon the prior and prepare you for the next).
  • A structured (yet fully customizable) 12-week plan that incorporates cardio, strength, stability, and mobility training.
  • Week-by-week training templates to eliminate overwhelm and confusion.
  • Workout options (modifications & progressions) for all levels and abilities.
  • Instructions on how to safely and effectively progress your training intensity to achieve desirable results.
  • 2 follow-along mobility routine videos.
  • Over 30 instructional videos, along with detailed exercise instructions and information.
  • Useful resources (including a glossary of terminology, equipment list, and answers to commonly asked questions).
  • Log-in access to the program for one entire year.
  • Tips and tools to help you plan and prepare for your hiking adventures.
  • Weekly educational lessons related to training, health/fitness, and hiking preparedness — Basically a “masterclass” that will not only prepare you for the trail, but revolutionize how you view physical fitness.
Additional bonuses:
  • A companion Training Workbook (40+ page ebook). Includes printable workout logs and templates to plan and organize your weekly training schedule.
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can connect and share with a community of likeminded adventure seekers (including me!).

Your body is the MOST essential piece of hiking “gear” you can invest in!

The HIKE-ABILITY Training Program is packed with tremendous value because I want YOU and everybody to MOVE + FEEL + ADVENTURE… BETTER!

See payment plan options for HIKE-ABILITY in the FAQs section below.

The best time to start training is NOW!

  • DON’T let aches, pain, stiffness, or fear of injury hold you back from enjoying life or keep you from taking on new adventures.
  • DON’T wait until you get injured to start building a more resilient body.
  • A year from now you can be older, fitter, and more capable… or just older; you get to decide! YOU have control over how your body feels, moves, and performs. You can train for an active lifestyle and combat the “effects of aging” by restoring better movement.

What HIKE-ABILITY students are saying:

“I have been particularly intrigued by your encouragement in the program about being specific to hiking training (hiking is my major interest) and to staying in hiking shape at an older age. I’m 66… I’m noticing minor issues starting to slip in with balance and endurance. I assumed it was aging, and I’d just have to live with them. So I’m delighted to come across your program. The various gym trainers I’ve had have been helpful, but were not able to approach training with an understanding of the prospective needs and desires of a hiker… There are surely many of us newly retired people who have long been waiting to finally have the time to hike a life’s worth of bucket-list trails. So thank you for this program…” -Paul

“I really needed this after a lazy winter!” -Kate

“This is exactly what I need. Heading to Glacier in August to do some big hikes that we haven’t been able to complete in the past trips.” -Susan

“The exercise and mobility videos are quite helpful, especially for those exercises I’d never encountered before.” -Paul

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your program. It’s professionally made and I can see you take pride in your work! …not only do I feel like I’m moving more, but it’s educating me too… it’s really motivating me to get in shape, and just be a healthier person. It has been a blessing to me, and I hope you make more programs in the future.” -Randi


The HIKE-ABILITY Training Program may not be right for you if you’re…

  • An elite, high-level trainee or athlete (however, be on the lookout for “advanced” programs in the future).
  • In need of in-person or hands on 1:1 training sessions.
  • Looking for a “lose weight fast” or “get in shape without even trying” program (note: I caution you in either endeavor).

But it’s PERFECT for you if you’re…

  • Looking for an effective, expertly designed program that will help you achieve your hiking fitness goals, while also equipping you with essential knowledge and tools that you can use to successfully continue a sustainable, life-long health and fitness journey.
  • Comfortable with unsupervised workouts, excited about the freedom of a self-directed workout plan, and you recognize that results require work and consistency.

The short answer is no, but if you do I guarantee that you will be glad you did! Training will make your hiking experiences easier, safer, and so much more enjoyable (additional benefits discussed in the next question below). Also, the HIKE-ABILITY program is more than a “get fit for hiking” training plan, it’s also a great way to increase your physical capacity for all tasks of daily living and to improve your general health and wellbeing.

The first thing most people think about when preparing for hiking is increasing their cardiorespiratory fitness. Cardio training is absolutely important to hiking fitness, as well as your overall general health. However, incorporating strength, stability, and mobility training is equally important (I could argue that it’s even more important). Unfortunately though, it’s often dismissed or avoided by many.

If you have muscle imbalances or asymmetries, dysfunctional movement patterns, and/or poor mobility, even seemingly simple activities like walking or hiking will affirm and reinforce these issues; resulting in more pain and a higher probability of injury.

Achieving your full hiking potential and minimizing discomfort and risk of injury on the trail requires foundational strength and proper joint movement patterns and range. With focused and consistent strength, stability, and mobility training you can address and correct nagging issues, or prevent them from arising in the future.

Absolutely! Just listen to your body, modify or regress any of the exercises to your needs/ability (the program will explain and show you exactly how to do so), and allow adequate time for rest and recovery. As always, consult your healthcare provider before starting any type of exercise program.

Start training NOW and be consistent, and you’ll definitely see benefits to your hiking fitness.

Yes. The workouts can be done at home or in a gym setting.

During the initial phases of the program all the movements and exercises can be done with little to no equipment. However, in order to reach your full potential you will likely want to invest in a set of weights (dumbbells or kettlebells) and/or resistance bands. There’s a specific course lesson in the program on “Progressive Overload Principle”, how to apply it, and why it’s essential if you want to make fitness gains and improve your performance.

The strength & stability workouts can be completed in 20-45 minutes (depending on the number of reps/sets you do). The cardio component will vary depending on individual factors and goals. The program encourages one, longer cardio session each week (preferably a hike) that will increase in duration/distance as you progress through the program.

You will have log-in access to the program for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Yes. I believe in this program 100%, so if you find that the program is not a good fit for you (for any reason), you can email me within the first 30 days for a full refund.

Yes, I believe you should be able to hike and pay at your own pace! Train now and pay later by choosing Affirm at checkout.

With the explosion of social media “fitness influencers” and YouTube videos it may seem like having a “free, all-access-pass” to an unlimited variety of workouts and information would be all you need. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of “fluff”, competition, confusion, misleading information, and/or ineffective workouts out there. Sifting through all the information trying to find something that might work for you is overwhelming. The value in purchasing this program is that I’ve eliminated the time consuming search, guesswork, and confusion by designing an effective and efficient program for hikers of all levels of fitness. Whether you are new to hiking or have been hitting the trails for years, I know you will benefit from this program. I’m a certified personal trainer and fitness coach with decades of hiking experience. Following a detailed, structured, and expertly planned training schedule will not only increase your likelihood of success, it can also minimize the chance of overtraining and exercise related injuries. I’m not concerned with growing my social media following; I care about YOU, and I’m committed to providing you with a goal-oriented experience that will help you achieve your full hiking potential and establish a lifelong comment towards better health and wellbeing. This program will not only prepare you for the trail, but also provide you with the knowledge and tools to continue your health and fitness journey beyond the 12-weeks.

Want to know even more about me and the HIKE-ABILITY Training Program?
To find out more about my training style, my fitness philosophy, and sample some of the material you’ll see inside the program you can check out the articles from my hiking fitness blog (here’s a link to one of my most popular blog posts). Additionally, you can get a “sneak-peak” into the program, or view the course overview. Also make sure to sign up for my Hiking Fitness Newsletter!

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