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JetFlow Hydration SystemI’m always looking for ways to improve my backpacking/hiking setup and was given the opportunity to do so recently when I was sent a hydration system called the Jetflow. I’ve been pretty committed to my Platypus hydration bladder because it’s one of the only systems that doesn’t have any taste to it. My few qualms with it is that it’s only “okay” when it comes to cleaning it, I can’t use a SteriPen with it and finally (and most applicable to this review) is that I still would bring my Nalgene along for when I’d arrived at camp. Enter the Jetflow.

Does the world need another hydration system? Well, I’m not sure, but I do know that I’m really digging this system. What makes it different is that it has a manifold that screws onto the bottle of your choice. You can use everything from a simple water bottle to gatorade to a Nalgene (even a plastic Coke bottle… ugh). What I like about this for my setup is that I can now use my Nalgene, which doesn’t carry over taste, and then have it for around camp. It has an air intake hose and then the hose that you drink from.

The good? Well, like I mentioned, I have my Nalgene for camp without having to bring it along empty. It’s super light. No bladder taste. Cleaning is as easy as whatever you’re carrying.
Modified JetFlow Hydration SystemThe bad? It has two long hoses, so it was a bit of a bother to get it in and out of the pack. I got around that by adding a quick release hose clip to the drinking side and cutting down the air intake hose to about two inches and now it’s perfect! Speaking of the air intake, it sort of honks when it is taking air in. Not loud, but noticeable. That doesn’t fit into the good column, but it’s not super bad.

Overall, I’m using it. I think it’s great and I would definitely recommend that you check it out. Head on over to their site to learn more and order one at

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  1. Did they send you the Eagle, Raptor or Hornet kit. Which one would the best to order?

    1. They sent me the Tomahawk backpack which comes with the Eagle hydration. I believe the other two have a water bottle with them and some piston system. I think all you need is the Eagle if you already have a pack and a Nalgene. Like I said in my blog, I’d get the quick connect adapter kit. I believe that Camelbak has one.

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