Your Hiking Distances Are All Wrong (And So Are Mine)

Ever get done hiking and realize that the trail sign, your map, guidebook, and your GPS are all telling you different distances? Well you’re not alone. There are a few things at play here. As I’m working on my new Yosemite map, I found myself staring at the screenshot below and thought it illustrated perfectly[…]

Walk-in Backcountry Permits of Glacier National Park

It’s easy to get excited about backpacking in Glacier National Park’s backcountry, but obtaining a walk-in permit can be a bit stressful and tricky. Here are a few tips and tricks to help out. (Resources below the video.) Anyone who backpacks in Glacier National Park needs a backcountry permit. They come in two flavors: advanced[…]

Extended Backpacking Trips in Glacier National Park – Part 2

“Where do start on planning my extended backpacking trip in Glacier National Park?” In Part 1, I explored resources and approach to getting a great extended backpacking trip in Glacier National Park. In this video, I’m providing more specific guidance on routes. Routes Covered: Northern Circle Northern Traverse Bowman Lake and Kintla Lake out and backs to[…]

Extended Backpacking Trips in Glacier National Park – Part 1

Feeling overwhelmed with where to start on planning your extended backpacking trip in Glacier National Park? In this video, Jake helps you find the appropriate resources to get started and provides you with his favorite areas. Part 2 covers some options in detail. Resources Glacier National Park’s Backcountry Camping Site  Day Hikes of Glacier National[…]

Glacier National Park Three-Day Trips

You’re getting excited about heading out to Glacier National Park for that sweet three day/two night backpacking trip and you look at the map and see 734 miles of trail and 65 campsites. What to do?! Here are a bunch of my picks in video form with me walking you all over the map. There[…]

Backpacking with your DSLR Camera

Camera Backpacking Setup

***Updated setup here! One of the greatest challenges of being a backpacking photographer/videographer is how to haul around your DSLR in a way that’s relatively comfortable and accessible. I hiked over 1,200 miles in Glacier National Park with my DSLR Camera setup (which I blogged about) using a couple of great pieces from ThinkTank Photo.[…]


Went out to a local park in the neighborhood with my friend Paul Rossi to chat about a little birding technique called “pshing”. It’s a cool way to get birds to come closer so you can get a better view of them. Usually works best on smaller birds.