Day Hiking in Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park is known for its iconic peaks. Trails travel along their bases, run up the canyons, and explore their heights. Heading out from the mountains and into Jackson Hole, vast meadows, grasslands, and foothills beckon the hiker with trails. Below are 48 day hikes that I’ve identified and ranked for my Day Hikes of Grand Teton National Park Map Guide.

The ranking is my recommendation based upon what I feel gives you the most “bang for your buck” starting with the iconic hike up Cascade Canyon to Lake Solitude (and a boat ride across Jenny Lake). Click each trail name to learn more about the hike. All of this information and more is included in the Day Hikes of Grand Teton National Park Map Guide. It’s the best map for day hiking in Grand Teton that cuts through the clutter of all of the options. It includes distances between junctions, color coded trail segments denoting slope steepness, and much more on one side and a guide on the back of the map. Pick one up to take with you on the trail!

Areas are as follows:

  • JA – Jackson Lake
  • JE – Jenny Lake
  • JR – John D Rockefeller Memorial Parkway
  • JS – Jedediah Smith Wilderness
  • MO -Moose
  • PL – Phelps Lake
  • SR – Snake River
  • TV – Granite Canyon/Teton Village

Click on table headers to sort by those columns!

RankNameDistance GroupArea
1Lake Solitude10-15JE
2South Shore Jenny Lake0-5JE
3Paintbrush Divide Loop15+JE
4Hurricane Pass15+JE
5Amphitheater Lake5-10JA
6Table Mountain10-15JS
7Lake Creek – Woodland Loop0-5PL
8Taggart Lake & Bradley Lake Loop5-10PL
9Holly Lake10-15JE
10Avalanche Divide15+JE
11Hidden Falls – Inspiration Point0-5JE
12Taggart Lake0-5PL
13Static Peak Divide15+PL
14Phelps Lake Loop5-10PL
15Granite Canyon via Aerial Tram15+TV
16String Lake & Leigh Lake5-10JE
17Grand View Point0-5JA
18Phelps Lake Overlook0-5PL
19Jenny Lake Loop5-10JE
20String Lake Loop0-5JE
21Marion Lake via Aerial Tram10-15TV
22Death Canyon5-10PL
23Garnet Canyon5-10JE
24Forks of Cascade Canyon5-10JE
25Trapper Lake & Bearpaw Lake10-15JE
26Rendezvous Mountain0-5TV
27Two Ocean Lake – Emma Matilda Lake Loop10-15JA
28Two Ocean Lake Loop5-10JA
29Signal Mountain5-10JA
30Moose Pond0-5JE
31Schwabacher’s Landing0-5SR
32Lunch Tree Hill0-5JA
33Heron Pond0-5JA
34Swan Lake0-5JA
35Christian Pond Overlook0-5JA
36Cunningham Cabin0-5SR
37Hermitage Point5-10JA
38Emma Matilda Lake Loop10-15JA
39Blacktail Butte5-10MO
40Lakeshore Trail0-5JA
41Menors Ferry Historic District0-5MO
42Mt Hunt Divide via Open Canyon15+TV
43Christian Pond Loop0-5JA
44Flagg Canyon5-10JR
45Aspen Ridge – Boulder Ridge Loop5-10PL
46Murie Ranch Trail0-5MO
47Polecat Creek Loop0-5JR
48Willow Flats0-5JA