HIKE-ABILITY Training Program



Accomplishing your bucket-list hikes — NOT being limited by your age, prior injury, pain, or lack of fitness.

Being so prepared that you fully ENJOY the hiking experience — rather than being being distracted by how your body feels.

Exploring NEW trails previously thought to be too challenging — going further and higher than ever before!

Move, Feel, Hike… BETTER!

I know what you might be thinking…

Do I really need to “train” for hiking?

If you do, I guarantee you’ll be glad you did. Training will make your hiking experiences easier, safer, and so much more enjoyable!

Can’t I just walk, run, or hike to get in better shape?

Cardio is only one piece of the hiking fitness equation, and building your endurance is important. But there’s more you can, and absolutely should, be doing!

Seemingly simple activities like walking or hiking can reinforce troublesome issues that you might not even be aware of — resulting in pain and increased risk of injury.

Incorporating strength, stability, and mobility exercises can:

  • Correct or prevent common issues like knee, hip, or back pain while hiking
  • Boost hiking performance & make steep trails less daunting
  • Improve balance & agility on uneven terrain

OR maybe you’re saying,

  • I have knee issues
  • I’m too old for that
  • I don’t have the time
  • I don’t know where to start

Your age, prior injury, pain, or lack of fitness shouldn’t hold you back from exploring trails and enjoying life — You have the ability to change your thoughts, body, and priorities!

A hiker experiencing knee pain while on a hiking trail

Knee pain while hiking is a common complaint — But YOU can minimize or FIX this frustrating problem with proper training.

A well-rounded fitness routine doesn’t have to be burdensome or complicated — PLUS it’s recommended and beneficial for all ages!

The reality is, as we age, we have to be more intentional about moving our bodies in beneficial ways — to keep the doors open to more possibilities and better experiences on and off the trail.

Hi there fellow hiker!

I’m Kristen. With nearly two decades of experience as a medical and exercise professional I help adventure-seekers of all ages overcome personal challenges, achieve their hiking goals, and maintain active lifestyles.

As an avid hiker and certified personal trainer, I know and appreciate the value of physical fitness. My husband (Jake of Hike 734) and I have hiked thousands of miles of trails, and I’m incredibly thankful for our continued ability to explore so many amazing places by foot.

BUT, I also know how it feels to lack confidence in my hiking ability, what it’s like to struggle with knee pain, what it takes to regain fitness following an injury, and how overwhelming working out can seem.

That’s why I created HIKE-ABILITY. Combining my love of hiking, professional knowledge and firsthand experiences, I created a training program that’s specific to the needs of hikers — any age and level of fitness.

Kristen demonstrating a strength training exercise to get in shape for hiking.
A training program for hikers
be confidently prepared & fit for the trail

The HIKE-ABILITY program starts at YOUR current fitness level, and prepares you for YOUR hiking goals!

This is the EXACT training method that we (Hike 734) use, and it’s helped hikers (ages 18-78) move, feel, & hike better.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

The essential components to hiking fitness — They’re KEY to boosting your performance, reducing discomfort, and minimizing the risk of injury on the trail.

How fitness, age, prior injury, or physical ailments will no longer be the “excuses” preventing you from achieving your goals.

The surprising reasons you may be suffering with knee, hip, or back pain — PLUS how YOU can fix it!

An effective workout formula tailored specifically for hikers — including all the BEST exercises to get in shape for hiking.

The “sweet spot” of cardio training so you can hike further, faster, and/or higher before fatigue sets in — Feel blissfully tired, not miserably exhausted at the end of your hiking day.

A simple, daily habit that will help combat the “effects of aging” on the body — also improves how you move and feel day-to-day.

How to customize ANY workout to meet your current level of fitness — PLUS how to safely progress to achieve your specific goals.

Valuable tools and proven techniques to help you master workout consistency, eliminate obstacles, and bust through motivational road-blocks.

Common workout mistakes and how you can avoid making them.

Body literacy — Build a deeper understanding of body mechanics and the specific needs of a hiker.

A total-body approach to getting ready for the trails NOW, while also acquiring longevity as a hiker— Essentially a “hike for lifer” masterclass”!

Additional Bonuses:
  • FREE companion Training Workbook (40+ page ebook). Includes printable resources to keep you organized and progressing towards your goals.
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can connect and share with a community of likeminded adventure seekers.
  • VIP access to my email inbox — your questions will be my top priority!

Your body is the MOST important piece of hiking “gear” you can invest in!

Hiring a personal trainer at a gym

12 weeks (1 session/week) with a personal trainer at a local gym

  • Workouts will be generalized (not tailored to hiking)
  • Requires a gym membership (extra fee)
  • Requires coordinating your schedule with trainer availability



HIKE-ABILITY Training Program

12+ weeks of customizable cardio, strength & mobility workouts

  • Total-body approach tailored to hiking fitness
  • Gym membership not required
  • Workout when/where it’s convenient for YOU
  • Printable workout logs & templates
  • Weekly educational lessons related to training, health/fitness, and hiking preparedness.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee!


The HIKE-ABILITY Training Program is packed with tremendous value because I truly believe everybody deserves to move, feel, & hike… BETTER!

Here’s what HIKE-ABILITY clients are saying…

Great, I really needed this after a lazy winter!”

“I was able to hike the Highline and Grinnell Glacier last week… and I am 100% certain that I couldn’t have done it without this program.”
– Leah

“Turning 70 made me want to brush up on my physical fitness. While I have been able to hike pretty long distances – I often had knee or hip pain. Strengthening… has helped eliminate pain, and for shorter distances I can walk without hiking poles.”
– Cathy

“I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your program. It’s professionally made and I can see you take pride in your work! …not only do I feel like I’m moving more, but it’s educating me too… it’s really motivating me to get in shape, and just be a healthier person. It has been a blessing to me, and I hope you make more programs in the future.”
– Randi

This hiking season YOU can…

be fit for the trail!

Fit woman hiker celebrating the accomplishment of her hiking goal.
  • confident & capable
  • moving, feeling, & hiking BETTER!
  • more resilient & less prone to injury


Male hiker experiencing knee, hip, and back pain while hiking.

risk being limited by:

  • fitness gaps & insecurities
  • knee, hip, or back discomfort
  • stiffness or mobility issues

YOU decide!

If you decided to enroll in the HIKE-ABILITY Training Program, get excited about booking that National Park vacation, planning your bucket-list hike, exploring new trails (even the “challenging” ones), and being prepared for whatever adventure opportunity comes your way.

Increase YOUR
— any age, any trail!

Feel free to pass on this opportunity, just know that whatever is holding you back from achieving your goals will always be there if you don’t do something about it — Tuck that into the back pocket of your workout or hiking pants!


YES! If you’re…

  • Looking for an effective, expertly designed program that will help you achieve your hiking fitness goals.
  • Comfortable with unsupervised workouts, and excited about the flexibility and customization of a self-directed workout plan.
  • Recognize that results require work and consistency
  • Desiring to be a “hike for lifer”.
  • Wanting to make this year your best hiking year yet!

Maybe not, if you’re…

  • In need of in-person or hands on 1:1 training sessions.
  • Not interested in a self-directed approach to training. (See “What’s the format of the program?” below.)
  • Looking for a “lose weight fast” or “get in shape without even trying” program.
  • Only willing to learn from someone whose age, gender, ethnicity, health status, life situation, etc match that of yours.
  • An elite, high-level trainee or athlete.
  • HIKE-ABILITY is a private program inside a secure online platform.
  • The program is divided into 3-phases, designed to be implemented over the course of 12 weeks. However, you can spend extra time in each phase if you’d like. (You will have access for one full year.)
  • Workouts are structured, yet full customizable (12+ weeks of workouts provided).
  • Over 30 instructional videos with additional supplemental text and resources.
  • With the exception of 2 follow-along (instructor-lead) routines, the remainder of the workouts are self-directed. This means I’ll provide the workout content, necessary guidance, motivation, and framework for you to execute the workout on your own. This allows you to tailor the workouts to the pace, movement variation, intensity, etc that’s best for you!
  • The weekly curriculum is text-based material (lessons, planning tools, and assignments).
  • The Training Workbook is a PDF, and all the contents (including the workout logs and templates) are printable.
  • Immediate access to a professionally created online training program that’s specific to hiking fitness.
  • Detailed instructions on how to use the program so you’ll get the results you’re looking for.
  • 15 self-assessments; determine your areas of inefficiencies and track your progress.
  • 3-phased training schedule — each phase will appropriately build upon the prior and prepare you for the next.
  • A structured (yet fully customizable) 12-week plan that incorporates cardiorespiratory training, strength/stability training, and mobility training — including rest days.
  • Week-by-week training templates to eliminate overwhelm and confusion.
  • Workout options (modifications and progressions) for all levels and abilities.
  • Instructions on how to safely and effectively progress your training intensity to achieve desirable results.
  • 2 follow-along mobility routine videos.
  • Over 30 instructional videos, along with detailed exercise instructions and information.
  • Useful resources (including a glossary of terminology, equipment list, and answers to common questions).
  • Log-in access to the program for one entire year.
  • Tips and tools to help you plan and prepare for your hiking adventures.
  • Weekly educational lessons related to training, health/fitness, and hiking preparedness.


  • FREE companion Training Workbook (40+ page ebook). Includes printable resources to plan and organize your weekly training schedule.
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can connect and share with a community of likeminded adventure seekers.
  • VIP access to my email inbox — your questions will be my top priority!

Absolutely! (In fact, the majority of my clients are in this age bracket.) Just listen to your body, modify or regress any of the exercises to your needs/ability (the program will explain and show you exactly how to do so), and allow adequate time for rest and recovery. As always, consult your healthcare provider before starting any type of exercise program.

With the explosion of social media “fitness influencers” and YouTube videos it may seem like having a “free, all-access-pass” to an unlimited variety of workouts and information would be all you need. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of “fluff”, competition, confusion, misleading information, and/or ineffective workouts out there. Sifting through all the information trying to find something that might work for you is overwhelming. The value in purchasing this program is that I’ve eliminated the time consuming search, guesswork, and confusion by designing an effective and efficient program for hikers of all levels of fitness. Plus, a lot of programs out there really aren’t giving you the FULL picture, and that’s doing you a disservice. Fitness is a journey… not just a “2 week challenge” to change your body.

Whether you are new to hiking or have been hitting the trails for years, I know you will benefit from this program. Following a detailed, structured, and expertly planned training schedule will not only increase your likelihood of success, it can also minimize the chance of overtraining and exercise related injuries. I’m a certified personal trainer and fitness coach with decades of hiking experience. I’m not concerned with growing my social media following; I care about YOU, and I’m committed to providing you with a goal-oriented experience that will help you achieve your full hiking potential and establish a lifelong comment towards better health and wellbeing. This program will not only prepare you for the trail, but also provide you with the knowledge and tools to continue your health and fitness journey beyond the 12-weeks.

Yes. I believe in this program 100%, so if you find that the program is not a good fit for you (for any reason), you can email me within the first 30 days of purchase to request a full refund.

Yes, at checkout you can pay in full or choose to make payments over time. I believe you should be able to train, hike, and pay at your own pace!

Yes. The workouts can be done at home or in a gym setting. (See additional information in “What equipment do I need for this program?”).

During the initial phases of the program all the movements and exercises can be done with little to no equipment. However, in order to reach your full potential you will likely want to invest in a set of weights (dumbbells or kettlebells) and/or resistance bands.

It’s possible for most people to meet their cardio requirements without the need of a treadmill or other cardio equipment. However, that may be something to consider if you’re unable to get outdoors on walking or hiking trails.

The strength & stability workouts can be completed in 20-45 minutes (depending on the number of reps/sets you do). The cardio component will vary depending on individual factors and goals. The program encourages one, longer cardio session each week (preferably a hike) that will increase in duration/distance as you progress through the program.

You will have log-in access to the program for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Start training NOW and be consistent, and you’ll definitely see improvements in your hiking fitness.

Still have questions? Email kristen@hike734.com

The trail awaits… let’s get ready for it!

  • Pssst! Want a “sneak peak”?
    Click on “Course Overview” to see the complete program outline and get a FREE preview of two lessons from the course.