The trail awaits…

Planning your trip to some of the most iconic National Parks can feel overwhelming. Hundreds of miles of trails, millions of acres of jaw-dropping wild spaces, hours between trailheads… and only days to explore.

Every time we go to explore a new place, we feel your pain. After literally hiking all 734 miles of trail in Glacier, then identifying and hiking just about every conceivable day hike in Grand Teton, Olympic, Rocky Mountain, Yellowstone, Yosemite and Zion National Parks, we’ve put together the ultimate planning resource.

We don’t just tell you about each trail in an honest way, we make recommendations.

Find your next destination below and click on it for a list of the day hikes, ordered by our recommendations. Pick up one of our maps that pairs all this information with a beautiful map to plan your adventures.

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  • Climbing Whitecalf Mountain and Kupunkamint Mountain

    Climbing Whitecalf Mountain and Kupunkamint Mountain

    Straddling the divide between the St Mary Valley and the Cutbank drainage in Glacier National Park lies a great ridgeline. We had already climbed Divide Mountain and we decided to take off and climb both Whitecalf Mountain and Kupunkamint Mountain. It was a big, beautiful day full of epic views, perfect weather, and all the […]

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  • The Mountains are Calling and I Must GO… Pee!

    The Mountains are Calling and I Must GO… Pee!

    Leave No Trace… It’s a simple concept. Yet sadly compliance can be poor, especially in high visitation areas. Topping my list of irritating violations are the piles of toilet paper littering trailheads, hiking trails, summits, and landscapes of our public lands and National Parks. And ladies, I don’t like to admit it, but we probably […]

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  • Mt Brown Lookout 2022

    Mt Brown Lookout 2022

    As the snow continues to recede, we’ve been finding more places to hike for views. We headed up the Sperry Trail and took the trail to Mt Brown Lookout. In the past, trees obscured much of the views as you steeply climbed, but the burn from a couple of years ago has really improved the […]

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