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Planning your trip to some of the most iconic National Parks can feel overwhelming. Hundreds of miles of trails, millions of acres of jaw-dropping wild spaces, hours between trailheads… and only days to explore.

Every time we go to explore a new place, we feel your pain. After literally hiking all 734 miles of trail in Glacier, then identifying and hiking just about every conceivable day hike in Grand Teton, Olympic, Rocky Mountain, Yellowstone, Yosemite and Zion National Parks, we’ve put together the ultimate planning resource.

We don’t just tell you about each trail in an honest way, we make recommendations. We also help you sort out all of the Fees, Permits, Passes, and Reservations which can be confusing/tricky/overwhelming!

Find your next destination below and click on it for a list of the day hikes, ordered by our recommendations. Pick up one of our map-guides that puts all of this information in the palm of your hand.

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  • “Spring” into Training

    “Spring” into Training

    While the winter snowpack has yet to give way to dirt trails, green grass, or wildflowers (at least in NW Montana), springtime is still a wonderful time to get out and put some training miles and elevation on your legs. If you have summer plans that involve hiking, I’d encourage you to harness the excitement […]

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  • Post Workout Soreness

    Post Workout Soreness

    Post Workout Soreness… some LOVE it, some hate it. Everybody responds to exercise differently, but experiencing some amount of post workout discomfort is normal. This is especially common for individuals who were previously inactive, or when starting a new type of workout or activity. Muscle weakness, stiffness, fatigue, discomfort, and/or soreness can occur for several […]

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  • Fish Creek Picnic Ski

    Fish Creek Picnic Ski

    When Glacier is all locked in snow, a great place for a spring picnic on a sunny day is Fish Creek Picnic Area. You can snowshoe in, but we skied and enjoyed the beautiful views under a blue sky all while avoiding a chilly wind coming down from the mountains. We parked at the gate […]

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