Jake BramanteI’d love to hear from you! Send in a hello, question, comment, etc and I’ll do my super best to get back with you. Make sure that you check out my blogs on backpacking before dropping me a line to increase your chances of me helping you.

Note that during certain times of the year, I receive many requests and may not be able to get back to you in a timely manner.

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  1. Hey Jake,
    Congratulations! That must have been an awesome summer, way to go.

    How did you find the trail condition from Packer’s Roost up MacDonald Creek to West Flatop? It’s been awhile since I hiked that but I remember how beautiful Trapper Creek Falls are. Did you get a chance to hike the old Cattle Queen trail from Highline down and out Mineral Creek? That wasn’t too bad last time I was in there, even has gotten some maintanence.

    Sorry I missed your slide show. Say Hi to your Dad.

    Arne Boveng
    Tachyon Productions

  2. are you planning any other presentations after the presentation in whitefish?

    1. I would absolutely love to, but not sure yet. I’m focusing on this one right now. I have received a bunch of requests from folks that are unable to attend this one, so it’s not out of the question!

  3. Hey Jake, I’m one the the three Florida women you met going to the Scenic Point the week of June 20-28 (not sure which day). I had a great time in Glacier. The park is stunningly beautiful, like being in the hand of God.

  4. Jake,

    My wife and family met you at Akamina Lake in Waterton Park. You gave me your card and I have enjoyed snooping around your website and blog. What an adventure and adventurer! Thanks for this. I love this kind of information.

    1. It was fun chatting with you guys! Always nice seeing families enjoying the outdoors together. 😉

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