Dawson Pass

Dawson Pass – 8.5mi / 13.7km

Dawson Pass

Amazing views and an excellent chance to see bighorn sheep await at Dawson Pass. To keep this hike under 10 miles, take the boat tour across Two Medicine Lake (if starting from the Old Man Lake trailhead, the total trip would be 13 miles).

The trail initially is level, but then begins to climb unforgivingly for one mile through the trees. Views get better as you gain elevation including the towering Pumpelly Pillar. Eventually the trail mellows until the junction with No Name Lake. From that point until you reach the top, you will have 1.86 miles of unrelenting vertical ahead of you.

Once you get above the treeline, the views are fantastic. You will walk through Bighorn Basin, where you will want to keep a keen eye out for one of these magnificent ungulates. Once at the pass, you can look into the Nyack drainage and see peaks for miles. As a side note, if you take the boat tour, a short stroll of less than a 0.25 miles to Twin Falls is a nice additional trek.

Trailhead: The boat concessionaire is located at the south shore of the lake near the camp store. If not taking the boat, the Old Man Lake trailhead is found by driving towards the campground area of Two Medicine and parking at the end with the big meadow. Trailhead is across the foot bridge.

Elevation Gain/Loss: 2,400ft / 720m

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