Johns Lake Loop

Johns Lake Loop – 1.9mi / 3.1km

Johns Lake Loop

Johns Lake Loop is a short loop through lush forest that features a quaint lake, McDonald Creek, and two waterfalls. The trail starts out with a brief uphill jaunt. Follow the signs up to Johns Lake, and then continue along the trail down to Going-to-the-Sun Road and McDonald Creek.

Cross the road and follow the trail to the horse bridge that overlooks Sacred Dancing Cascade as McDonald Creek rushes below you. Cross the bridge, take a left, and walk the trail downstream (If you wish to follow the trail upstream, it continues for another 1.9 miles, adding 3.8 total miles to this trip).

The path forks once more less than a 0.3 miles down the trail. If you stick with the fork to the left that stays closest to the creek, you will pass the dynamic McDonald Falls. The trail follows the creek to North McDonald Road. Walk across the bridge, which looks out onto Lake McDonald, and follow the trail on the south side of the road to arrive back to your car.

Trailhead: Look for the obvious sign labeled “Johns Lake” off Going-to-the-Sun Road just before North McDonald Road.

Elevation Gain/Loss: 200ft / 60m

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