Logging Lake

Logging Lake – 10.9mi / 17.6km

Logging Lake

Logging Lake is a long quiet lake tucked in the ridges of the North Fork area. You’ll start out in the trees by the Logging Lake Ranger Station and get out into the burned area after about a mile or so. The burned area stays pretty constant for a couple of miles, then ducks in and out until you are about a mile from the lake.

From there on, the trail and the lake are shrouded in the fir and pine forest limiting views, but great for flowers and birds. The trail itself tends to be muddy although recent work has improved it. The trail is pretty level and the lake is nice. The trail continues on to the head of the lake if you want a longer hike and has sporadic views down onto the lake.

Trailhead: Trailhead is just north of Logging Creek by the Logging Creek Campground and Ranger Station.

Elevation Gain/Loss: 700ft / 210m

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