McDonald Creek Loop

McDonald Creek Loop – 1.8mi / 2.8km

McDonald Creek Loop

Tucked away on the west side of the bridge over McDonald Creek, near Apgar Village, is a short solitary walk along the creek’s slow moving waters. The trail spends its time bordering burned and unburned forest, forest and stream, and stream and meadow. This short hike is under two miles long and is extremely level.

It is a great walk for birding and provides ample chances to see larger mammals as well. There is also a figure-eight shaped loop that goes up the hill in the burned area away from the creek adding approximately two miles to the overall length of your hike.

Trailhead: After entering the West Entrance of the Park, turn left onto Camas Road and head past Apgar and over McDonald Creek. Park on either side of the bridge. The obscure trailhead is on southwest side of the road and west of the bridge.

Elevation Gain/Loss: 0ft / 0m

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