Scenic Point

Two Medicine

Scenic Point – 7.9mi / 12.7km

Two Medicine

Scenic Point is an aptly named hike in the Two Medicine area. The hike starts out in some scrappy pines and follows Appistoki Creek up the drainage. You mercilessly gain elevation, but quickly access great views right after a bird’s eye view of Appistoki Falls. As you head up, you will enter a forest of old, twisted, gray trees.

Once at the saddle, the trail levels out and gradually slopes to Scenic Point. The saddle is a popular crossing spot for large male bighorn rams, so keep an eye on both sides, including down below where they often bed down. The wonderful plains come into view. Once at the summit, you can look at Lower Two Medicine Lake, which is over 2,500 vertical feet below, as well as up the Two Medicine Lake area.

(An alternate hike option is to walk down to East Glacier making the trip approximately 10 miles, instead of taking the typical out and back route. The paid hiker shuttle on the east side can be used to return you to your vehicle. You will need a tribal permit as you cross into Blackfeet Tribal Land.)

Trailhead: Find the trail via a well-marked sign on the south side of the Two Medicine Road just before you get into populated area of Two Medicine.

Elevation Gain/Loss: 2,300ft / 690m

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