Sun Point to St. Mary / Virginia Falls

Sun Point to Virginia Falls – 4.6mi / 7.4km

Sun Point

Sun Point is the former location of the Going-to-the-Sun Point Chalets. This provides a perfect place to park your car and take advantage of the Park’s shuttle system. The walk from Sun Point to St. Mary and Virginia Falls gives you remarkable views of St. Mary Lake, and even though many of the Park’s visitors visit each of those destinations, few connect them into one scenic adventure via this trail.

As you hike along the shore going right up to the water, you pass Baring Falls, then a wonderful boat dock where you can admire both the lake and the towering peaks behind it. Overall, the trail is pretty mellow to St. Mary Falls where it then climbs up 300 feet to Virginia Falls. For more on St. Mary and Virginia Falls, see the St. Mary/Virginia Falls hike for description.

Trailhead: Turn off to Sun Point from Going-to-the-Sun Road and park in the parking lot where you will see the clearly marked trailhead.

Elevation Gain: 700ft / 210m – Elevation Loss: 500ft / 150m

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