Lunch Tree Hill

Lunch Tree Hill – 0.5mi / 0.7km

This short, interpretive loop delivers continuous, unobstructed views of the Grand Tetons in the distance, as well as an elevated vantage of the lush riparian area that is excellent wildlife habitat.

The incredible views overlooking Willow Flats continue as you gradually ascend Lunch Tree Hill from the west lawn of the Jackson Lake Lodge. Willow Flats is excellent habitat for a variety of animals including elk and moose. These large animals may be spotted feeding below, then quickly disappear in the high vegetation.

The southern end of Jackson Lake becomes more visible and is backdropped by the signature vista of the Tetons. More interpretive signs and a large rock with a plaque marks the top of the loop. (An unofficial trail continues on to the high point of the hill and adds 0.9mi/1.5km to the hike.)

From the top of the loop, the interpretive trail works its way back down to the lodge, through a quaint stand of aspens.

Trailhead: Park in the Jackson Lake Lodge parking lot. Head to the west side of the lodge overlooking Willow Flats and the Grand Teton range. The trail starts at the northwest end of the lawn near the fence.

Elevation Gain: 100ft / 30m – Elevation Loss: 100ft / 30m

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