Signal Mountain

Signal Mountain – 6.7mi / 10.8km

This pleasant hike climbs up Signal Mountain to a wonderful overlook of Jackson Hole. The trail starts near the Signal Mountain Lodge, crosses the highway, then begins climbing up through the trees.

This short, steep section quickly levels out and crosses the Signal Mountain road. (Just north of this crossing is a place to park your car if you wish to begin the hike from here.) The trail follows along the shore of a lily pad pond, then comes to a trail junction.

The trail separates into the ridge route and the pond route but converge for the final section to the summit. By taking the pond route up to the right, you can enjoy the ridge views on the way down. The pond route passes a couple of small ponds, followed by a much larger one surrounded by a grassy meadow.

The trail then turns up through sagebrush meadows, merging with the ridge route. It works its way up a long draw that enters a cool forest paralleling small meadows. The trail does one switchback just before reaching the Jackson Point Overlook at the end of the trail. The trail itself is fairly quiet, but the overlook is busy with those that drive the road to the summit.

On the way back down to the lodge, take the ridge route and enjoy the views that the open meadows of the ridge offer.

Trailhead: Park in the Signal Mountain Lodge parking lot and walk past the gas station and laundromat to the RV dump station. Follow the sidewalk towards the residential area, then take a left onto the road to the trailhead sign. An alternative trailhead is off the Signal Mountain Road near the lily pad pond (starting from here shortens the hike by 0.6mi/0.9km). Park at the pullout and walk back down the road to the south end of the pond.

Elevation Gain: 1,100ft / 330m – Elevation Loss: 1,100ft / 330m

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