Swan Lake

Swan Lake – 2.7mi / 4.4km

This is a short walk to a long, slender, lily pad lake surrounded by willows and forest making it great habitat for waterfowl and moose. The hike starts on the Hermitage Point Trail along the south end of the Colter Bay marina.

It travels on a dirt road with a view of the marina, filtered by lodgepole pines, then further out Colter Bay to Jackson Lake. Just past a small park service building, take a left at the signed trail for Swan Lake.

This trail goes up through the sagebrush meadow, then through a nice lodgepole pine forest. Shortly thereafter, you reach the far, north end of the lily pad covered lake. From here, the trail travels along the shoreline with many opportunities to see waterfowl amongst the lily pads.

The trail leaves the shoreline for a bit, only to come back to the water’s edge at a great vista. Turn around here, or continue on to join up with the Heron Pond Trail or even further to Hermitage Point. (See Heron Pond and Hermitage Point for descriptions.)

Trailhead: This trail begins at the Hermitage Point Trailhead which is located at the far southern end of the parking lot for the Colter Bay Marina, near the boat launch.

Elevation Gain: 50ft / 15m – Elevation Loss: 50ft / 15m

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