Barnes Creek

Barnes Creek – 12.5mi / 20.1km

Barnes Creek chatters through a steep, forested canyon. From the Storm Point Ranger Station, follow the well marked path to the shores of Crescent Lake before traveling through a tunnel under Hwy 101.

On the other side, the trail continues through a stunning cathedral of massive, moss-covered trees. The trail leaves the road noise as it turns up into the canyon to the junction with Marymere Falls, which should not be missed (see Marymere Falls for description).

After visiting the falls, return to the Barnes Creek Trail. Follow the creek up the canyon with towering, forested walls. After the trail steeply climbs up, look for the newer trail that steeply drops down to the creek, crossing it once before continuing up the canyon. After hiking 3.6mi/5.8km, the trail leaves the creek to climb up Aurora Ridge. At the junction, stay left to continue to a cascading creek before heading back down.

Trailhead: Look for the turnoff for the Storm King Ranger Station and Marymere Falls along Crescent Lake off Hwy 101. The trail begins near the ranger station.

Elevation Gain: 1,500ft / 450m – Elevation Loss: 1,500ft / 450m

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