Glines Canyon

Glines Canyon – 2mi / 3.3km

This newer trail explores the area of the former Lake Mills reservoir along the Elwha River. The trail starts out at the interpretive area atop what remains of the old Glines Canyon Dam. It’s not only informative, but a fantastic vista of the river and the surrounding regenerating area backdropped by Mt. Fitzhenry.

Follow the path down into the tall shrubbery where youpass the parking area for the Smokey Bottom Trail. The trail spends much of the time initially in the shrubs crossing Stukey Creek with tiny glimpses looking out. That changes, however, as you get further along where the trail breaks out onto a wide bench. This gives you views both up and down the valley, including back at the gouge in the rock where the old dam used to be.

The official trail fades out where the valley narrows.

Trailhead: Turn onto the Olympic Hot Springs Road from Hwy 101, 9 miles west of Port Angeles. Drive 5.5 miles to the overlook at the large switchback in the road. 

Elevation Gain: 120ft / 36m – Elevation Loss: 120ft / 36m

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