Grand Ridge

Grand Ridge – 9.3mi / 15km

Aptly named Grand Ridge delivers grand views for miles. The trail begins at the park’s most scenic trailhead and wraps below Obstruction Peak. From a distance, this rocky, alpine landscape seems barren, but is teeming with low growing flowers.

Sparkling lakes, craggy summits, and cascading creeks appear and disappear as you skirt below Elk Mountain. Views into Canada and west to the Cascade Range make appearances as you head west. The trail steeply drops to the Roaring Winds campsite where it promptly climbs again and skirts below Maiden Peak through grassy meadows (turn around just before the steep descent to the campsite for a shorter 5.5mi/8.9km round-trip hike).

The trail continues around Maiden Peak where it begins to drop into the trees which makes for a good turnaround spot. (Alternatively, travel all the way to the Deer Park Ranger Station through the tree-covered ridge for a one-way length of 7.5mi/12.1km.)

Trailhead: Follow the Hurricane Ridge Road up to the parking area of the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center. Take a sharp left onto Obstruction Point Road as soon as you enter the parking area and follow the rough road (very steep and winding gravel road not suitable for large vehicles or trailers) for 7.6 miles to the end.

Elevation Gain: 1,250ft / 375m – Elevation Loss: 1,250ft / 375m

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