Hurricane Hill

Hurricane Hill – 3.3mi / 5.4km

This popular trail climbs to the top of Hurricane Hill on an old, gravel road with sprawling views through meadow after meadow. A few stands of trees interrupt the views along the way, but only briefly. Gnarled rocks poke out from the grassy meadows that are favorites of the endemic Olympic Marmot.

The hill maintains a steady, moderate grade all the way up, switchbacking as you make your final approach. A trail breaks off to the left down into the Elwha River drainage and is worth exploring for more views. Stay right, however, to continue to the summit affording views looking north to the Strait of Juan del Fuca and into Canada. Mt. Angeles rises to the east while Mt. Olympus peeks above the jagged rock and ice of the Bailey Range.

Trailhead: Follow the Hurricane Ridge Road past the visitor center to parking at the end of the road.

Elevation Gain: 700ft / 210m – Elevation Loss: 700ft / 210m

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