Irely Lake

Irely Lake – 2.3mi / 3.7km

A short walk through the lush, temperate, Quinault Rain Forest brings you to the marshy Irely Lake. The trail climbs up and over a small ridge through large trees, moss, and ferns to get to Irely Creek.

After two creek crossings and a muddy trail, you’ll wrap around to the lake which is a combination of marshy areas and open waters dotted with old stumps. Keep your eyes out for waterfowl and Osprey in the area.

Trailhead: From Hwy 101, turn onto South Shore Road just south of Lake Quinault. Follow the road for 13 miles and take a left onto North Shore Road over the river. Just across the river, take a right onto the gravel road for 2.7 miles to the trailhead.

Elevation Gain: 70ft / 21m – Elevation Loss: 70ft / 21m

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