Oil City Trail

Oil City Trail – 2mi / 3.3km

This trails follows the Hoh River out to a rocky beach along the Pacific Ocean. After a short 0.2mi/0.3km hike through the wet, dense rain forest (with one feeder stream crossing that may get your feet wet along the way), you reach an overlook of the Hoh River with the ocean in the distance.

You’ll drop down onto a pebbled trail along the river. The trail leads to a rounded rock peninsula covered in driftwood where the river enters the Pacific. Sea stacks poking out of the oceans and tall cliffs to the north create a dramatic landscape. It’s also a great place to observe the numerous birds bathing in the fresh water before you turn around and head back.

Trailhead: Turn onto Oil City Road from Hwy 101, 14.2 miles south of Forks. Follow the road 10 miles to the end of the road. 

Elevation Gain: 40ft / 12m – Elevation Loss: 40ft / 12m

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