Rialto Beach/Hole in the Wall

Rialto Beach/Hole in the Wall – 3.1mi /5km

With a great collection of sea stacks, a sandy beach, tide pools, and a remarkable arch, Rialto Beach has something to delight everyone. Parking is right next to the beach so you have access to the ocean as soon as you get out of your car.

From the pebbled beach, you look out at the ocean with a vast array of sea stacks and islands poking up from the surf. Head north along the beach, which gets sandier as the tide goes out. Ellen Creek is as far as dogs are allowed on the beach, but an easy ford gets humans to the other side.

Further north, tide pools teeming with life surround numerous stunning rock formations. The highlight being the large, Hole-in-the-Wall arch. For those looking for a stunning vantage of the area, take the overland trail on top of the arch for a bird’s eye view of the beach.

Trailhead: Turn west onto Hwy 110/La Push Road from Hwy 101, 1.5 miles north of Forks. After 7.8 miles, turn right onto Mora Road and follow it 5 miles to parking at the end of the road. 

Elevation Gain: 0ft / 0m – Elevation Loss: 0ft / 0m

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