Switchback Trail

Switchback Trail – 3.2mi / 5.1km

Enjoy increasingly incredible views as you switchback up to the stunning Klahhane Ridge. The trail leaves the wide bend of the Hurricane Ridge Road and immediately begins climbing up through the trees on its namesake switchbacks. It doesn’t take long before you enter meadows with stunning views looking south, passing the trail to Hurricane Ridge along the way (see Hurricane Ridge to Klahhane Ridge for description).

While the trail does go through stands of trees, it spends more time in these meadows as you approach the jagged ridgeline below Mount Angeles. The trail crests the red, basalt ridgeline of Klahhane Ridge with stunning views both looking south to Mt. Olympus and north to Port Angeles.

Turn around here, or continue right (south) to the high point of the trail along Klahhane Ridge for more incredible views (adding 1.2mi/1.9km to your day).

Trailhead: From the entrance station on the Hurricane Ridge Road, drive 9.5 miles to the large bend in the road with ample parking at the signed trailhead. 

Elevation Gain: 1,500ft / 450m – Elevation Loss: 1,500ft / 450m

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