Wynoochee Pass and Lake Sundown

Wynoochee Pass and Lake Sundown – 12mi / 19.3km

This remote trail takes you through beautiful forests to a quiet lake high in the mountains. You’ll walk the road past the washouts to the subtle, former trailhead at the switchback.

After 0.6mi/0.9km, you reach the park boundary as you climb up through an ever-changing forest of large, beautiful trees. Numerous feeder streams and a couple of waterfalls delight along the way. The trail steeply climbs up to Wynoochee Pass after crossing a river of the same name. At the pass, look into the ponds for frogs and salamanders.

On the other side of the pass, the trail drops down through massive trees to Graves Creek. Graves Creek flows underground here, with the exception being during high flow volumes. Once across, you’ll meet up with the Graves Creek Trail. Take a right to begin the switchbacks up 1,150ft/375m to the lake. As you climb, meadows grant wonderful views looking out to rocky ridges.

The quaint lake, surrounded by tall walls, features numerous places to access the shores.

Trailhead: From US Hwy 12 near Montesano, take the Devonshire Road exit and follow the signs for Wynoochee Lake Recreation Area to get onto Wynoochee Valley Road. Follow the road for 33 miles and stay straight onto the gravel road, NF-2270. Follow NF-2270 up past the lake and follow it across the river. Take a right onto the 400 spur road to parking just before the road’s washouts. (A high-clearance vehicle is recommended.)

Elevation Gain: 3,600ft / 1,080m – Elevation Loss: 3,600ft / 1,080m

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