Cache Lake

Cache Lake – 11.7mi / 18.9km

Nestled at the base of Electric Peak, this small, remote lake provides a nice hike and a bit of solitude. The trail starts in the open sagebrush meadows of Swan Lake Flat with big open views. It heads north along Glen Creek and enters the cool, narrow canyon where the creek bubbles down.

You climb out of the canyon and up on the hillside overlooking the creek as it slowly weaves through the grassy meadows below. The trail continues through meadows, gradually working its way upstream. There are a few sections of trees throughout the hike until the last mile or so where the trail heads away from the creek and goes into a thicker forest of mature lodgepole.

The trail for Cache Lake heads to the right and works its way up to the lake. The lake is ringed in forest with grassy meadows that come down to its shores. Most of the lake is lined with reedy grass. The views to the northwest are dominated by the magnificent Electric Peak.

Trailhead: Head south from Mammoth Hot Springs on the Grand Loop Road, just past the Golden Gate. Immediately upon entering Swan Lake Flat, look for an unsigned parking lot. Park in the parking lot and cross the road to the trail located on the west side of the road.

Elevation Gain: 750ft / 225m – Elevation Loss: 750ft / 225m

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