Cygnet Lakes

Cygnet Lakes – 8.3mi / 13.4km

This level trail leads you to the marshy meadows surrounding the quaint Cygnet Lakes. The trail starts in an older lodgepole stand of trees and alternates between younger stands and recently burned forests.

A couple of larger meadows are visible along the hike, but most of the hike is in the trees with occasional small ponds. The trail ends at a meadow with the lakes at the far end. Views are limited, with marshy sections that keep you from getting close to the shoreline. Return on the same trail.

Trailhead: The signed trailhead for Cygnet Lakes is located on the Norris-Canyon Road, halfway between Norris Junction and Canyon Junction.

Elevation Gain: 350ft / 105m – Elevation Loss: 350ft / 105m

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