Lone Star Geyser

Lone Star Geyser – 4.7mi / 7.6km

An old, scenic road along a beautiful, forested section of the Firehole River leads to the fantastic Lone Star Geyser. It is now closed to vehicle traffic, allowing for only bike and foot traffic. This serene trail spends almost its entire time amongst an older growth of trees, following right along the river’s edge.

The walking is very easy and the scenery is beautiful around every bend. Occasional meadows appear, as do a hydrothermal feature or two, but the main attraction is at the terminus of this lovely walk.

At the end of the road, the trail continues to foot traffic only along a barren landscape. This geyser shoots from a cone and creates a fantastic and dramatic display. It has many short, false alarms which may be mistaken for a true eruption. Check with the Old Faithful Visitor Center for estimated eruption times, and be patient for the full eruption.

Trailhead: The signed trailhead for Lone Star is located just east of Kepler Cascades on Grand Loop Road, just south of Old Faithful.

Elevation Gain: 50ft / 15m – Elevation Loss: 50ft / 15m

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