Mallard Lake

Mallard Lake – 7.1mi / 11.4km

The trail offers a brief, bird’s eye view of the Old Faithful Area on its way to the lovely Mallard Lake. The trail drops down from the cabins and crosses over the Firehole River. From there, it works its way through an older forest along a small stream. The larger trees give way to a younger stand of trees with small grassy meadows and views down onto the Old Faithful area.

As you turn up into the drainage, the trail continues up small, wet meadows. It then transitions into a ravine lined with jagged rock formations. The trail passes through the ravine which narrows down, forming a gateway into the forest. From here to the lake, the walk is a cool, fairly level stroll. Find a nice, shady spot to enjoy the peacefulness of the lake.

Turn around and head back the same way. For a bonus on your return, take a short hike up the Mallard Creek Trail for a wonderful overlook of the lake. This trail can also be combined with the Mallard Creek Trail, Old Faithful trails, and the Powerline Trail for a 12.4mi/19.9km loop.

Trailhead: The signed trail for Mallard Lake starts by the cabins of the Old Faithful Lodge at the eastern edge of the Old Faithful Area.

Elevation Gain: 900ft / 270m – Elevation Loss: 900ft / 270m

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