Monument Geyser Basin

Monument Geyser Basin – 2.5mi / 4.1km

While this basin contains no active geysers, it has unique sinter cones, steaming vents, and a few bubbling pools. The hike begins along a beautiful section of the Gibbon River, and stays mostly level for a short distance.

Once the canyon opens up to the meadows, the trail switchbacks away from the river and climbs steeply up the hill towards the basin. Views of Gibbon Meadows are limited through the dense growth of young lodgepole pines. The views improve as the trail levels off on the south side of the knoll. Here you have a great overlook of Gibbon Canyon as the river cascades south. The trail turns east and enters this strange basin with its sinter cone “monuments” and other hydrothermal features.

Trailhead: The trail is located on the west side of Grand Loop Road, halfway between Madison Junction and Norris Junction. The signed trailhead, labeled “Monument Trailhead”, begins just south of the bridge.

Elevation Gain: 650ft / 195m – Elevation Loss: 650ft / 195m

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