Yellowstone Lake Overlook

Yellowstone Lake Overlook – 1.8mi / 2.8km

This short hike takes you to a great vantage of the West Thumb of Yellowstone Lake. The trail crosses the South Entrance Road and travels through a young stand of lodgepole pines. Shortly after the road, you come to the junction of the trail that loops to the top. Taking a left, the trail climbs through the trees, then transitions to open grassland as you gain elevation. The smell of sulfur alerts you to the hydrothermal features near the top.

After a 200ft/60m climb, the views spread out before you. Various steaming vents and small pockets of boiling water surround the area at the top. Continue on the loop back down.

Trailhead: The signed trailhead for Lake Overlook is at the southwest end of the parking lot for West Thumb Geyser Basin.

Elevation Gain: 200ft / 60m – Elevation Loss: 200ft / 60m

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