Poopenaut Valley

Poopenaut Valley – 2.2mi / 3.5km

This incredibly steep trail drops down to a pleasant meadow alongside the Tuolumne River below the O’Shaughnessy Dam. The trail steeply drops 1,200ft/400m to the valley floor.

The descent is primarily through forests and overgrown shrubs, with glimpses of the hills opposite the valley and the west end of the reservoir. At the valley floor, the trees give way to a large, grassy meadow that can be soggy. Explore the pretty meadow along this nice section of the river.

A scramble up the rocks on the southwest end of the meadow leads to a nice vantage of the river as it passes through a gorge.

Trailhead: Look for the signed trailhead along the Hetch Hetchy Road on the way to the dam. 

Elevation Gain: 1,300ft / 390m – Elevation Loss: 1,300ft / 390m

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