Jake celebrates hiking all of Glacier National Park's trails in one summer
Jake celebrates hiking all of Glacier National Park’s trails in one summer

The table below was my schedule for hiking all the trails in Glacier National Park. Use it as a reference. Please feel free to ask any questions and alert me of any inaccuracies or problems!

DateTrail NameAreaDistanceDaysNotes
05/17/11McDonald CreekLake McDonald Area5.891All trails along McDonald Creek, west of GTS road
05/25/11Johns Lake to AvalancheLake McDonald Area12.671Park at Lake McDonald and get all trails on East Side of Road between Sperry trailhead to Avalanche Lake
05/27/11Apgar LookoutLake McDonald Area6.921
06/04/11Lake McDonald/Fish CreekLake McDonald Area10.041Need to be dropped off at trailhead on North end of Lake McDonald or run shuttles.
06/08/11 – 06/09/11Logging LakeNorth Fork25.882
06/14/11Trail of the CedarsLake McDonald Area0.830Do with Avalanche Lake
06/14/11Avalanche LakeLake McDonald Area5.081
06/15/11Apgar VillageLake McDonald Area11.241Miles listed are actual trail miles, but more miles will be walked due to out and back. Also includes air quality site and close to south boundary.
06/18/11Snyder LakeLake McDonald Area8.661
06/20/11Howe LakeLake McDonald Area7.161Out and Back
06/22/11Flathead Ranger StationLake McDonald Area12.661Cataraft across. Follows the Middle Fork to the confluence of the North Fork
10/05/11Lime SpringsLake McDonald Area4.481Bike to Lime Springs by the old Flathead Ranger Station to pick up. (was turned back earlier due to excessive downfall.. will be going fast and light)
06/24/11Snyder Ridge TrailLake McDonald Area12.661
07/01/11Howe Ridge TrailLake McDonald Area11.631Need a shuttle to Trout Lake Trail
07/02/11Harrison LakeThe Southern Sector11.641Cataraft or ford across Middle Fork
07/03/11Siyeh Bend to St. MaryThe St. Mary Valley8.541Includes Sun Point Nature Trail and all little spurs along the way
07/06/11Numa Ridge LookoutNorth Fork11.181
07/07/11St. Mary and Virginia FallsThe St. Mary Valley201Might be shorter than drawn up, but will be a big day.
07/13/11Elk MountainThe Southern Sector5.141
07/16/11Cracker LakeMany Glacier14.761Actually a tad shorter most likely as a few pickups won’t double up
07/17/11Otokomi LakeThe St. Mary Valley11.361
07/14/11, 08/14/11Upper Two Medicine LakeTwo Medicine11.081Loop around Lower Two Medicine to pick up all spur trails (did the actual lake on 8/14/11)
07/19/11Medicine Grizzly LakeTwo Medicine12.881
07/20/11St Mary Ranger Station and Beaver Pond trailThe St. Mary Valley121Beaver Pond Trail and Divide Creek Trails… both out and back
07/21/11Lake JosephineMany Glacier10.181Go up to Piegan Pass trail to pick that up. Lots of little spurs to pick up.
07/24/11Quartz Lakes LoopNorth Fork22.582Loop done in one day. Quartz Creek later.
07/25/11Akokala LakeNorth Fork14.461Go in from the North Fork Rd, then come out by Bowman. Need shuttle back.
07/28/11Huckleberry Mountain Nature TrailNorth Fork0.890Off of Camas Road. Do with Huckleberry Lookout
07/28/11Huckleberry Mountain LookoutLake McDonald Area12.71
07/30/11 – 07/31/11Park Creek to Two MedicineThe Southern Sector32.982Camp at Lake Isabel
08/02/11Scalplock LookoutThe Southern Sector10.241
08/05/11Mount Brown LookoutLake McDonald Area9.981
08/07/11Scenic Point to East GlacierTwo Medicine9.871
08/09/11Cut Bank Ranger StationTwo Medicine7.81Trail from ranger station to boundary as well as a pasture at the base of Mad Wolf. Two short gangly hikes, that might be picked up with another trip.
08/10/11 – 08/11/11Triple DivideThe St. Mary Valley23.052Cut Bank to St. Mary. Camp at Red Eagle Lake
08/12/11 – 08/13/11Gable Pass and Slide LakeThe Belly River Country23.282Two days and camp at slide lake 6 miles from ranger station to road
08/14/11Running Eagle FallsTwo Medicine0.60Did with Upper Two Medicine Lake
08/15/11Autumn Creek (Marias Pass, False Summit)The Southern Sector16.181Autumn Creek, Marias Pass and False summit… maybe two days while commuting
08/15/11Dawson-PitamakanTwo Medicine18.821Swing on by Oldman Lake
08/18/11 – 08/19/11Cutbank PassTwo Medicine28.742Two Medicine entrance over Cut Bank Pass to Nyack, then back up and over to Cut Bank Ranger Station
08/21/11 – 08/22/11Bowman Lake-Brown PassNorth Fork26.782Out and back. One night at Brown Pass or Hawksbill.
08/24/11Siyeh PassThe St. Mary Valley9.951
08/25/11 – 08/26/11Gunsight PassThe St. Mary Valley30.92Camp at Lake Ellen Wilson to split it in half
08/27/11 – 08/29/11Ptarmigan/Redgap with Iceberg and Apikuni FallsMany Glacier38.873Camp at Elizabeth and Poia Lake
08/30/11 – 09/02/11Mokowanis River-Stoney Indian PassThe Belly River Country66.84Camp at Helen, Mokowanis Lake, Mokowanis Junction and out
09/05/11 – 09/08/11Kintla to Waterton via Boulder/Hole in the WallNorth Fork34.753Spend nights at Lake Francis, Hole in the Wall and Upper Kintla.
09/09/11Hidden LakeThe Highline/Waterton Lake5.21Out and back.
09/10/11The HighlineThe Highline/Waterton Lake15.941Includes Salamander overlook and stops at the loop and heads on down to Packer’s Roost to get the Loop to Packer’s Roost section
09/12/11 – 09/13/11 , 09/16/11 – 09/17/11Northern Highline with Flattop and Packer’s RoostThe Highline/Waterton Lake??4Start at Packer’s Roost up to Fifty, Kootenai, Goat Haunt, do North Boundary and Porcupine Lookout, out to Fifty, Granite and over Swiftcurrent to Many Glacier, then up and over Piegan Pass (some of these covered with other entries)
09/14/11Porcupine LookoutThe Highline/Waterton Lake19.782Not sure how this one will work logistically yet. Could be just one monster day with camping at Goat Haunt.
09/15/11The North Boundary TrailThe Highline/Waterton Lake12.71Take boat to southern Waterton lake, hike up to Cameron Lake. Might take the Carthew/Alderson route instead making it a 19+ mile trip to get back to Waterton
09/15/11Goat Haunt OverlookThe Highline/Waterton Lake20Do with the North Boundary Trail
09/18/11Swiftcurrent Pass and LookoutMany Glacier11.841From Granite Park Chalet, to the lookout, then down to Many Glacier
09/19/11Piegan PassThe St. Mary Valley12.371
09/21/11 – 09/23/11The Nyack-Coal Creek LoopThe Southern Sector38.253Start at Nyack Ranger Station, come out by Coal Creek. Potential Stimpson Summit if things look right.
09/24/11 – 09/25/11East Glacier to Ole Creek via Firebrand PassThe Southern Sector26.022Camp at Ole Lake
09/28/11Loneman LookoutThe Southern Sector171Cataraft or ford across Middle Fork
09/30/11Coal, Muir Creeks to Fielding Guard StThe Southern Sector24.211 biiiiig day
10/01/11Quartz Creek and North Fork MeadowsNorth Fork19.391Quartz Creek and Covey, Hidden and McGee Meadows
10/1/11Polebridge Ranger StationNorth Fork1.040Do with Hidden Meadow
10/1/11Hidden MeadowNorth Fork1.520Do with Polebridge Ranger Station
10/02/11 – 10/03/11Trout Lake out to Camas CreekLake McDonald Area23.962
10/04/11Dutch CreekNorth Fork18.641
10/07/11North Fork Belly RiverThe Belly River Country25.711One big day which includes Lee Creek Cabin. My mileage is bigger due to hiking the road as it was closed because of recent snow.
10/08/11Grinnell GlacierMany Glacier12.541Picked up Boulder Ridge trail as well as the Altyn/Henkel stretch of the Ptarmigan Tunnel trail that is only open at the end of the season due to bears.
10/09/11Mineral Creek CabinThe Highline/Waterton Lake13.521Start at Packer’s Roost and up to Mineral Creek Cabin
10/11/11 – 10/12/11Kishenehn Loop and TrailsNorth Fork28.422Go up to Canadian border along North Fork as well as up starvation creek, camp at Patrol Cabin potentially
10/14/11 – 10/15/11Lincoln LakeLake McDonald Area24.62Start at West Glacier and take South Boundary trail to Lincoln Creek, then up to Lincoln Lake and camp, then come out at Lincoln Lake trailhead on Going-to-the-Sun Road.