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  • Climbing Clements Mountain

    Climbing Clements Mountain

    Every once in awhile I like (love) to take off my camera and binoculars and trade it for the lightest running pack I have. On Sunday, Kristen and I lightly loaded up our running packs and headed for the hills. We arrived up at Logan Pass in Glacier National Park along with a string of […]

  • Matahpi Peak

    Matahpi Peak

    “So now what should we do?” we both said as we looked at one another. Kristen and I had arrived at Logan Pass at 9:30am on Saturday which meant that we couldn’t park in the parking lot because it was already full. After driving down to Lunch Creek to park and walking back up to […]

  • Climbing Mt. Oberlin 2018

    Climbing Mt. Oberlin 2018

    Now that Logan Pass Glacier National Park was open, we wanted to see if we could sneak up and bag a peak. Kristen had never done Mt. Oberlin, so we set off through the fog of Logan Pass and up through the clouds to a glorious summit! As we drove up Glacier National Park’s legendary […]

  • Hidden Lake

    Hidden Lake

    One of the most popular hike in Glacier National Park is the trail off of the famous Going-to-the-Sun Road called Hidden Lake. This trail starts up in the alpine meadows at Logan Pass putting visitors into the heart of Glacier’s high country. While standing at the visitor’s center, look across the parking lot to the […]