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  • Lake McDonald Trail 2023

    Lake McDonald Trail 2023

    The lower trails of Glacier National Park are drying out quickly with this recent stint of warmer weather. Since many of the roads are closed, the list of hikes without snow is pretty small. We settled on the Lake McDonald Trail on its western shore, hiked a bit, had lunch and turned around on a…

  • Rocky Point Nature Trail 2021

    Rocky Point Nature Trail 2021

    Just west of Apgar, tucked behind the Fish Creek Campground and Picnic Area, lies a short hike to a unique vantage of Lake McDonald. This short, lollipop-shaped loop takes you through both mature and recently burned forests, along creeks, and out to rocky outcroppings. The Rocky Point Nature Trail does have a short section of…

  • West Shore Lake McDonald

    West Shore Lake McDonald

    While most visitors to Glacier National Park drive along Going to the Sun Road on the east shore of Lake McDonald, few know of the trail that runs along the west shore and even fewer hike it. We started at the north end of the trail after taking a left onto North Lake McDonald Drive…