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  • Mt Brown Lookout 2022

    Mt Brown Lookout 2022

    As the snow continues to recede, we’ve been finding more places to hike for views. We headed up the Sperry Trail and took the trail to Mt Brown Lookout. In the past, trees obscured much of the views as you steeply climbed, but the burn from a couple of years ago has really improved the…

  • Mt Brown Lookout Speed 2014

    Mt Brown Lookout Speed 2014

    Had a window of time and weather to quickly head up to Mt. Brown Lookout on June 16th, 2014. I knew the weather was changing for a few days and it was going to start that afternoon. I picked up my running pack, went super light and headed up the almost 5.5 miles and 4,200…

  • Mt Brown Lookout

    Mt Brown Lookout

    Mt. Brown is located at the head of Lake McDonald and the lookout gives you fantastic views of the lake and the surrounding valley which is towered by inspiring mountain walls. The hike starts across the road from the historic Lake McDonald Lodge and breaks off from the trail that leads to the Sperry Chalet.…