Divide Trail

The Divide Trail in Yellowstone National Park is a steady climb through an older forest along the Continental Divide to an old lookout site. Aside from a brief glimpse at the beautiful Shoshone Lake, it lacks any views you might hope for, including at the site of the old lookout. In between Old Faithful and[…]

Lone Star Geyser

Lone Star Geyser in Yellowstone National Park is a great, cone geyser set away from the large collection at Old Faithful. The path to it is along an old road that is bike-friendly and follows a beautiful, lazy section of the Firehole River. Just east of the Kepler Cascades pullout is the parking lot for[…]

Mallard Creek, Mallard Lake, and the Upper Geyser Basin (Old Faithful)

The Upper Geyser Basin in Yellowstone National Park contains the most famous hydrothermal feature in the park, Old Faithful. Surrounding this iconic geyser are a vast array of spring, pools, and geysers. I hiked up from Mallard Creek to nearby Mallard Lake, then dropped down to the basin and explored around, including a visit to[…]

Mystic Falls – Biscuit Basin

Mystic Falls, Biscuit Basin, and the Biscuit Basin Overlook makes for a fantastic hike including a waterfall, fantastic geothermals, and wonderful views in one short hike. I arrived at Biscuit Basin around 10am in early August which still afforded me a parking spot. After crossing over the Firehole River on a fun, old bridge, I entered[…]

Black Sand Geyser Basin

Emerald Pool

Black Sand Geyser Basin in Yellowstone National Park is a smaller geyser basin near Old Faithful that features Emerald Pool and Sunset Lake. This collection of springs and geysers has a family-friendly boardwalk that is great and accessible for anyone and everyone. An early start is recommended at any of the geyser basins in the Old Faithful area[…]

DeLacy Creek

DeLacy Creek in Yellowstone National Park offers the shortest route to Shoshone Lake. This level trail is a great mix of forest walking along wide, open meadows as DeLacy Creek meanders to Shoshone Lake, the largest backcountry lake in the lower 48 that can’t be reached by road. The trail along DeLacy Creek starts between Old[…]

Purple Mountain

Purple Mountain in Yellowstone National Park has a nice steady grade all the way up to a great lookout of the Madison River area looking south towards Old Faithful. While the trail spends its entire time in the trees, it’s pleasant hiking and you do get some views out along the way with a very[…]