I’ve upgraded to the Garmin InReach Explorer+ that combines a GPS with a two-way tracking emergency device. Keep tabs of my travels by watching me on the map below!!

(Click on the little triangle below my name in the left panel to see a list of my recent trips.)

8 thoughts on “Track

  1. I,d like to add your site on face book

    1. Daniel, if you’re referring to liking my site on Facebook, visit and click the “Like” button on the top to stay current!

  2. Hey Jake! Bill & I ran into you and your cousin out on one of the trails a little over a week ago. Finally looked up your site and I love it!! I’m going to make sure to keep track of you and hope that you can make it through to the end! Loved talking with you and your cuz! Back in MI and wishing I was still there. Did they open up Going to the Sun road yet? I’m disappointed I didn’t get to drive it.

    1. I do remember you! Glad to have run into you. Keep your eye out on the ol blog and you’ll get to see some of those views… especially the Hidden Lake hike.

  3. Just liked your facebook page- what you’re doing is awesome! Not to mention making me insanely jealous. I’m a big hiker fanatic from Montana, too. How lucky are we to have Glacier right in our back yard?! 🙂 Happy hiking and best of luck!

    1. I know! I can’t believe how many locals don’t take insane advantage (or any advantage at all) of this place. Thanks for following and the feedback!

  4. Nice job this summer! Wondering how you liked your SPOT communicator? Wanting to buy one but heard ALOT of neg. reviews. Live in Missoula and hunt and hike alone which worries my wife. Would like something to able to check in with when phone service unavailable. Wondering your thoughts on service/reliability, etc. Thanks

    1. First of all, if I did this project all over, I would take this with me. I’ll continue to use it in the future and it does help alleviate concern. Whoever is tracking you, however, needs to know that depending upon where the Globalstar satellites are will determine how awesome the tracking and checkin/OK works. Sometimes it will be amazing and other times it won’t update for a few hours, so when I got back to the car or at camp, I’d let it sit so that it would have a couple of pins. I would send out messages that wouldn’t always get out. Once you know that, you learn that if it’s an important message, you send it a few times. 😉

      Overall, it does help your loved ones checking in on you and it is fun for them to watch. It was great to be able to tell my girlfriend I loved her when I went to sleep, but remember that they can’t communicate back. You also only have 41 characters to send a message, so you must use brevity or shorthand. I think if you adjust your expectations and understand the technology, it’s fantastic, but if you compare it to cell service in town, it can be very frustrating.

      Does that help at all?

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