• The “The Goldilocks Approach” to Hiking Training

    The “The Goldilocks Approach” to Hiking Training

    Finding an optimal amount of training that will safely and effectively support your hiking and fitness related goals.

  • Lake McDonald Trail 2023

    Lake McDonald Trail 2023

    The lower trails of Glacier National Park are drying out quickly with this recent stint of warmer weather. Since many of the roads are closed, the list of hikes without snow is pretty small. We settled on the Lake McDonald Trail on its western shore, hiked a bit, had lunch and turned around on a…

  • PAIN… a “Four-letter Word” that Doesn’t Belong on the Trail.

    PAIN… a “Four-letter Word” that Doesn’t Belong on the Trail.

    PAIN… We’ve all experienced it to some degree, whether an all-out debilitating pain that sidelines you, or a nagging day-to-day discomfort that just keeps showing up. Needless to say it’s not desirable, and it definitely doesn’t enhance one’s experience on the trail.  Do you suffer with knee pain or back discomfort on the trail? You…

  • Apgar Lookout – Spring 2023

    Apgar Lookout – Spring 2023

    The forecast called for a sunny, bluebird day in the high 40s, so we packed up and decided to see how far up the Apgar Lookout Trail in Glacier National Park that we could get. Imagine our delight when we realized that there was a decent boot pack all the way to the summit and…

  • “Spring” into Training

    “Spring” into Training

    While the winter snowpack has yet to give way to dirt trails, green grass, or wildflowers (at least in NW Montana), springtime is still a wonderful time to get out and put some training miles and elevation on your legs. If you have summer plans that involve hiking, I’d encourage you to harness the excitement…

  • Post Workout Soreness

    Post Workout Soreness

    Post workout soreness… some LOVE it, some hate it. Everybody responds to exercise differently, but experiencing some amount of post workout discomfort is normal. This is especially common for individuals who were previously inactive, or when starting a new type of workout or activity. Muscle weakness, stiffness, fatigue, discomfort, and/or soreness can occur for several…

  • Fish Creek Picnic Ski

    Fish Creek Picnic Ski

    When Glacier is all locked in snow, a great place for a spring picnic on a sunny day is Fish Creek Picnic Area. You can snowshoe in, but we skied and enjoyed the beautiful views under a blue sky all while avoiding a chilly wind coming down from the mountains. We parked at the gate…

  • Wearable Fitness Trackers – They’re more than a step or calorie counter!

    Wearable Fitness Trackers – They’re more than a step or calorie counter!

    A heart rate monitor (HRM)/fitness tracker can be a beneficial piece of exercise equipment that not only measures your cardiorespiratory fitness level, but also helps guide your workouts and allows you to train smarter. Wearable fitness trackers have come a long way since the basic step-counters (pedometer). Now, these devices commonly have features such as:…

  • Bowman Lake Ski 2023

    Bowman Lake Ski 2023

    In the warm air of the summer, a rough dirt road takes you to the sparkling shores of the bustling Bowman Lake. In the winter, however, the road is gated and only those on skis and snowshoes make it to the lake. The sparkle of the water is replaced by snow and the noise of…