Deer Mountain

Deer Mountain – 6.2mi / 10km

Enjoy ever-changing vantages on your way up to a perch high above Estes Park.

The trail begins as a moderate climb through parked out trees. The mountains create the perfect backdrop to the rolling Beaver Meadows below you. After a prominent switchback, the trail begins to climb more aggressively as it enters the trees. Views come sporadically as you climb. You’ll then traverse the broad, flat top of the mountain.

The actual summit, however, is found at the south end of the mountain after a brief, but steep final push. Enjoy grand views of Estes Park, Moraine Park, and a host of summits.

Trailhead: From either the Beaver Meadows Entrance or Fall River Entrance, drive west to the junction of US 36 and US 34. Find the trailhead just east of the junction on the north side of US 36.

Elevation Gain: 1,550ft / 465m – Elevation Loss: 1,550ft / 465m

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