Dream Lake and Emerald Lake

Dream Lake and Emerald Lake – 3.3mi / 5.3km

Dream Lake

A short, rewarding hike takes you to a pair of gorgeous lakes nestled up in the Tyndall Gorge. Take an immediate left from the busy Bear Lake Trailhead and follow the signs for Dream Lake.

After a brief 0.5mi/0.8km, you come the picturesque, lily pad pond that is Nymph Lake. The trail skirts the lake and begins climbing with impressive views looking out across the valleys. The trail turns up into the gorge and follows Tyndall Creek to Dream Lake.

Numerous rocks jut out into this forested lake providing ample spots to enjoy the views looking up into the stunning Tyndall Gorge. The trail follows right along the lakeshore. At the head of the lake, it follows the splashing creek as it climbs 200ft/60m further up the gorge to Emerald Lake.

Emerald Lake

From your perch on the granite on the lake’s edge, enjoy the dramatic cliffs of Hallett Peak and the spires of Flattop Mountain at the head of Tyndall Gorge.

Trailhead: Follow Bear Lake Road to the Bear Lake Trailhead, or park at the Park & Ride and take the park’s free shuttle to the trailhead.

Elevation Gain: 700ft / 210m – Elevation Loss: 700ft / 210m

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