Granite Falls

Granite Falls – 10.3mi / 16.6km

Tonahutu Creek slides and crashes over the smoothed granite as it cascades down as Granite Falls.

You begin climbing almost 700ft/210m up a cool, narrow drainage to Big Meadows. Keep your eyes out for moose and a couple of old, dilapidated cabins as you wrap around this gorgeous, flower-filled fen (see Big Meadows for description). At the head of the meadow, you’ll come alongside Tonahutu Creek and follow it up the drainage as it splashes over the rocky streambed.

The trail passes through an old burn area before coming alongside granite where it steps up to the falls. Access to this terraced cascade is easy with many places to sit and enjoy the water as it crashes and slides over the rock.

Trailhead: Turn into the signed Green Mountain Trailhead parking area 2.6mi/4.1km north of the Grand Lake Entrance off the Trail Ridge Road.

Elevation Gain: 1,400ft / 420m – Elevation Loss: 1,400ft / 420m

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