Poudre River Trail

Poudre River Trail – 6.3mi / 10.1km

Stroll through the scenic meadows surrounding the humble beginnings of the Cache la Poudre River. While the trailhead states that it’s cross-country travel, a well-established trail is easily navigated.

After crossing over the trickle that is the beginning of the river, you’ll travel along the northwest side of the river. While the difference in elevation from the beginning to the end point is only 350ft/105m the undulating trail skirts along the forested edge increasing elevation change. The meadows are rich in flowers and frequented by deer, elk, and moose. Some sections require navigating a fairly marshy meadow, so your shoes may get a bit wet. You can turn around at any point, but a nice knoll at 3.2mi/5.1km provides a wonderful spot to enjoy a vantage before turning around.

Trailhead: Park in the pullout at the north end of Poudre Lake near Milner Pass along Trail Ridge Road. 

Elevation Gain: 500ft / 150m – Elevation Loss: 500ft / 150m

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