The Pool

The Pool – 3.4mi / 5.5km

A cascade with a large, deep pool along the Big Thompson River is an easy, family-friendly destination from the Fern Lake Trailhead.

Tall trees along the river give way to open vistas as you follow the river upstream. Rust-colored cliffs tower above you on the north side of the trail while summits are visible in the distance. Large, house-sized boulders called Arch Rocks form an arch over the trail. Shortly after the rocks you reach The Pool at a bridge over the river. Numerous granite perches in the vicinity allow for a rest along the river.

Trailhead: Follow Bear Lake Road and turn onto Moraine Park Road, then down Fern Lake Road to the trailhead at the end of the road, or park at the Park & Ride and take the park’s free shuttle to the trailhead.

Elevation Gain: 200ft / 60m – Elevation Loss: 200ft / 60m

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