Timberline Pass (Ute Trail East)

Timberline Pass (Ute Trail East) – 3.9mi / 6.3km

This gentle trail through the alpine tundra offers wildflowers, a wide variety of animals, and a summit-filled expanse.

Right from the trail, the views are glorious as you look across Forest Canyon to Terra Tomah Mountain, Stones Peak, and countless others in the distance. The traffic noise disappears as you cruise along Tombstone Ridge where rock formations give the ridge its name.

Keep an eye out for marmots, elk, birds and weasels among the wildflowers blooming in the low alpine. Follow the trail for approximately 2mi/3.2km to Timberline Pass. The rock formations here are a great place to stop to enjoy the many peaks to the south before turning back to your car.

(The trail from here drops steeply down 3,000ft/900m to Upper Beaver Meadows which is an option for those who can arrange a car shuttle.)

Trailhead: Park in the interpretive pullout for Ute Trail East, just off of the Trail Ridge Road, 2mi/3.2km west of Rainbow Curve.

Elevation Gain: 450ft / 135m – Elevation Loss: 450ft / 135m

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